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French Double

Flemish Single, 18th c. range

Flemish Single, received range

English Bentside Spinet

Flemish Virginals


Hubbard Harpsichords, Inc. has always been first and foremost a maker of fine keyboard instruments – kits represent only a part of our activity.   In the fledgling years of the Hubbard workshop, however, Frank Hubbard's friends would sometimes drop by to observe the instruments under construction.   Several expressed interest in assembling a harpsichord themselves and began to do so under his tutelage.   Enthusiasm was high; the number of amateur builders increased.   Gradually, as the workshop took on the aura of hobby heaven, the concept of the KIT HARPSICHORD was born.


All Hubbard instruments are based on close examination of historic prototypes.   For our kits we have chosen from several representative designs we regularly make.   We have designed these kit packages with the amateur woodworker in mind.   The instruction manuals explain in detail the procedures for assembly, decoration, and voicing of the instruments, and they manage in the process to impart a great deal of information on the art of antique and modern instrument making.   As much as possible, details of the original instruments have been retained whether concerned with the production of the sound, the feel of the action, or merely an ingredient of the style and practice of the period.   We have not designed shortcuts to make assembly quick or easy; but with patience and diligence any amateur woodworker can follow the instructions and produce a thoroughly professional instrument.


Hubbard kits are offered in several versions, each carried to a further stage of completion, so that the builder may select a starting point depending on the resources available.   This is a woodworking project you will never forget, a musical instrument you will enjoy for a lifetime.



French Double-manual Harpsichord Kit




Flemish Single-manual Harpsichord Kits

      18th Century Range



      Received Range




English Bentside Spinet Kit



Flemish Mother & Child Virginals Kits








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