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Buying a harpsichord or other early keyboard instrument is a very personal event. You are going to invest a large amount of money for an item that should bring you a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction for many years to come. You deserve to have the best.

As makers of very high quality instruments, we offer you our expertise in all aspects of early keyboards to help you with your decisions. Your complete satisfaction is the goal of every member of our company.

A French Double-manual after Taskin

The Hubbard signature We offer a full line of custom instruments based on originals produced in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. We also offer a number of these instruments in kit form for those who enjoy the indescribable adventure of recreating an instrument of the past. All of our instruments are prepared to exacting standards using only the finest materials and workmanship. They are faithful to their antique predecessors, but we occasionally have introduced modifications, much as the original makers continually worked to improve their designs. All modifications are undertaken with great respect for the ideas and perceived intentions of the makers of the past and are adopted only after years of experimenting and testing. Be assured that if it appears on a Hubbard, it's there for a good reason.

Flemish Single HarpsichordWhile custom instruments are based both musically and structurally on antique originals, there nevertheless remain many optional treatments that can be made to suit the instruments to the taste of the buyer. For example, cases can be finished in a variety of woods or painted in a wide selection of colors. Soundboards and lids can be plain, decorated in the manner of the original instruments, or created with original designs by our artists. Several different types of stands are available which can dramatically change the appearance of the instrument. Benches are available to complement each type of stand.

Whatever your choice of instrument, know that we will enjoy working with you to attempt to satisfy your every need. Early keyboard instruments are our life. We've been doing them for 50 years, day in and day out, under the same family ownership. Hyperbole is not in our vocabulary. We don't rave about being the biggest company with the best this and the most wonderful that. Rather, as we have with our own children, we bring forth our instruments in such a manner that when they are finished, they speak for themselves.That is how we derive our satisfaction.

Enjoy the website. Your comments are always welcome.

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