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Hemsch French Double-manual with Queen Anne standHubbard Harpsichords offers a full line of custom instruments based on originals produced in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. We are a small company, direct, honest, dealing in perfection according to the standards established from its beginning by Frank Hubbard (1920-1976).


Diane HubbardDiane Hubbard, President Emerita of Hubbard Harpsichords, Inc., ran the company from Frank's death in 1976 until her retirement in 2000. Sadly, Diane Hubbard passed away in 2009.


Hendrik BroekmanHendrik Broekman is the Technical Director of Hubbard Harpsichords, Inc. and its current President. Hendrik apprenticed with Eric Herz and Frank Hubbard and has been with Hubbard for more than 30 years. As well as being a busy performing musician, he is a walking encyclopedia of harpsichord knowledge in addition to being a world-class master craftsman. If you decide to purchase a custom instrument or kit or if there are artistic or technical problems you wish to discuss, you will speak with Hendrik. One of the benefits of a small company is that you deal directly with the "boss."



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