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For those who would like to hear the different sonorities of Hubbard & Broekman instruments, we call your attention to the compact disk The Virtuoso Scarlatti listed in the CD section of this site (CD-001). In this unusual disk, Igor Kipnis has recorded 15 Scarlatti sonatas for harpsichord using five different Hubbard & Broekman copies of original instruments: A French 18th century double manual after Taskin, a Flemish 18th century double manual after Dulcken, a German 18th century double manual after Hass, an Italian harpsichord based on 17th century prototypes and an 18th century English Bentside Spinet after Baker Harris.

What is special about this disk is that all of the instruments are played by the same artist in the same acoustical environment and are expertly recorded by the same Chesky technicians. This truly is a unique accomplishment and one that enables you to now directly compare five of our instruments in your own home.

The disk is accompanied by very informative and entertaining notes by Professor Cedric D. Reverand describing Scarlatti's works, the milieu in which they were composed and the instruments on which they are here played by Kipnis.

As for Igor Kipnis, his 6 "Grammy" nominations, 3 "Record of the Year" awards from Stereo Review, and Keyboard magazines' readers polls naming him "Best Harpsichordist" in 1978, 1979 and 1980 and "Best Classical Keyboardist" in 1982 and 1986, in addition to his numerous other awards, speak for themselves. The disc has had excellent reviews in major magazines both with regard to the performance and the technical aspects of the recording.

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