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By Hendrik Broekman

Over the time I have spent at Hubbard Harpsichords, I have been responsible for all sorts of writing.  The 1979 rewrite of our French manual was accomplished in longhand.  This was put into typescript by our then office wiz, Deirdre Reade and sent off to Palo Alto to be computerized - it certainly amazed us!  By the time the Flemish single was redrawn in 1984, it was I who entered all the text - on an Osborne CP-M totable using WordStar.  And so it has progressed . . .

The result is a lot of words, most of them well past their sell-by dates but with a fair number of keepers, as well.  Of those, several seem to me to be the sort of thing that it would be more convenient for some folks to have on paper than on the screen.  On this page you'll find a grab bag of these instructional and explanatory or gruesomely technical pieces. They have each been edited for this forum and rendered into .pdf form for free downloading.  More to come as they become available.   Any questions?

Stringing List for Models A-F of Eric Herz

Stringing Lists from both versions of Harpsichord Regulating and Repair

Stringing List for the English Bentside Spinet after Baker Harris for tuning at a' = 440 Hz.

Tired Tongues? A discussion of reasons tongues might seem weak and ready for replacement . . . or maybe not!

Assessing your Harpsichord for Repair or Resale  Some suggestions for really seeing what's wrong - or right - with your instrument.

Pitch Names An illustrated explanation of what FF-f''' means

The Hubbard Jack - dimensions

The Baldwin Electronic Harpsichord - a discussion of the problem of dealing with aging plastic jacks in this iconic 20th century design


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