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Daniel S. Klein

26 April 1999

I finished by "baby" in January, exactly two days short of two years after I began. Building my harpsichord has been a genuinely spiritual experience for our whole family. For me, it was a dream come true. Participating in the magic of raw wood becoming something able to sing the songs of the ages is one of life's rarer and more uplifting wonders.

klien.jpg (27844 bytes)My elder daughter, Lauren, whom you met, painted the soundboard. You may notice the cockatiel just behind the jack rail. This is Sunshine, our pet who died while I was working on the harpsichord. Ariel, my younger daughter, lent a hand when I needed more than two. My wife loved the whole process because it kept me out of her hair and she loved seeing the glee in my face every time I completed a step.

You, Bo, Hendrik and Ruth were so remarkably helpful to me - not to mention patient - that I cannot thank you enough. I hope you will find a place in your customer album for your newest grandchild! The photo is "in situ" in my living room, which, by the way, was designed with the instrument in mind. It sounds wonderful, though I confess to using a tuning meter to keep it so. I am still fiddling with the plectra to get them just right. But, to me, that is part of the on-going joy.

Thank you all once again for helping me realize a long and very special dream. Now, if I can only find enough time to practice....

 Daniel S. Klein

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