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Gerald Kaplan

I can think of nothing that has enhanced by life as much as the experience of building, and now playing my French double manual harpsichord.

The extent of my experience with woodworking and wood crafting was limited to carving a small wooden car for the Pinewood Derby back when I was in Cub Scouts; I honestly didn't know a dado from a mortise. The Weekend Workshop at Hubbard provided the perfect forum for mentored hands-on experience using tools I had never heard of, as well as the ability to meet the team I would eventually rely on for help. My intention was to build the instrument in my one bedroom apartment in New York City - my living room became a workshop, complete with power tools, clamps, and lots of sawdust.

Ultimately, the end result is an instrument that sounds as good as it looks. Hubbard's technical support surpassed what I had expected. Also, knowing that the individual pieces included with the kit were available for purchase separately, I knew that almost any mistake was easily rectifiable.

Best regards, and I am truly grateful to Hubbard for enhancing my life with such a wonderful new hobby.

Gerry Kaplan,
New York City,
November 3, 1999

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