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Boyd Sharp

May, 1996

Our experience with Hubbard has been a very positive and enjoyable thing and if we can help others find their way to such a happy partnership we will be glad to do so.


The Flemish Single-manual instrument was bought in 1991. Two friends and I finished all of the woodwork and then I was called to spend three years in India with Habitat for Humanity. We decided that the best thing we could do with the unfinished instrument was to donate it to someone who would make good use of it so we gave it to the Choral Department of Sonoma State University in Santa Rosa, California. They had the action

put in by the man recommended by you and the harpsichord is now in use for daily rehearsals with the Bach Choral Society of Sonoma County and is a permanent addition to the Baroque Orchestra that performs alone as well as being the regular accompaniment to the Bach Choir. The inaugural concert of the finished harpsichord was on March 6, 1996 and the performing artist stated that it is a very fine instrument. We are very proud, both of our work, and of the fine components supplied by your company. Together we have done a very good thing.

Boyd L. Sharp
Occidental, California

Sharp and friendsMr. Sharp notes "that for fun, we had the pewter medallion plated in 24 K gold." He is shown in photo with his two builder friends, Ted Albrecht and Howard Frank.

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