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Allan Mungall

April 29, 1996

Dear Mrs. Hubbard,

It is now 12 years since I built my English Bentside Spinet from one of your kits and we corresponded about it and the various techniques of construction.

Since then I have very much enjoyed playing it, and have been delighted with the way it has performed. I also have a piano, an electronic synthesizer, and two electronic organs, together with a number of other wind and stringed instruments, but the harpsichord has a character all it own which I find particularly expressive in the playing of music from its own historic period. Its bright, clear scintillating tone breathes a kind of life into this music which cannot be duplicated in any of the other keyboard instruments.

The instrument was a retirement project, and I still remember the project fondly. It occupies a special place in may music room, and playing it has given me a great deal of pleasure over the years.

Although it is unlikely that I shall again build a harpsichord, I very much enjoy reading your Harpsichord Newsletter, The Soundboard, and hope you will keep me on your mailing list.

Allan G. Mungall
Gloucester, Ontario, Canada

In another letter, Mr. Mungall notes that the kit arrived on March 21, 1984, that he started building it a few days later and completed it in mid June of that year.

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