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by Diane Hubbard

Diane Hubbard, President of Hubbard HarpsichordsWe conduct our business with a sense of pride and with a strong desire to insure the preservation of all Hubbard harpsichords manufactured during the past five decades. Obsessive? Perhaps. But our dream is to have every Hubbard instrument in top condition at all times.

As with any acoustic instrument, keeping ones' harpsichord in fine playing condition requires regular and persistent maintenance. We have learned that time and climatic conditions take their toll on anything made of wood, and the more than 5000 Hubbard harpsichords, virginals, clavichords and fortepianos now in use are no exception.

At the Hubbard workshop, through voicing classes, the lunch hour "hotline", the newsletter, and some two dozen instrument fix sheets, we try to encourage a versatile clientele of harpsichord owner/technicians. Although our kit builders have contributed enthusiastically to this population, we are aware that for many, maintaining a perfectly regulated instrument will always remain illusive. This is no crime. Do not despair. We can help you.

For owners of harpsichords built in the 50's and 60's whose goal is to retain peak market value for their instruments, there are special considerations. It is a fact that the state of the art of harpsichord building and the instruments themselves have much changed since Frank Hubbard completed Opus #1. The increasing appearance of antiques at auctions and in public and private collections has provided information about the classical harpsichord not available at the outset of this adventure more than 50 years ago.

Older Hubbard instruments need not be placed in mothballs. Options are now available which we feel represent improvements: for example, removing pedals, replacing steel music wire with low-tensile wire, adding a transposing keyboard, re-quilling jacks, re-voicing, lightening the action, even refinishing the case. For more recent instruments, a thorough regulation may be all that is required.

From a scratch in the paint to a complete revoicing we can help you realize whatever dream you may have for your instrument. With a determination to make the next 50+ years as productive as the first, we are convinced that we best serve ourselves when we best serve you. Please contact us with your problems and we will do our best to help you put your instrument in first class condition.

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