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17th c. French double-manual harpsichord
Frank Hubbard, Boston, 1979 (rebuilt 2009)

French XVII c. Harpsichord by Frank Hubbard: Click to enlargeRange: 50 notes, GG/BB-c3, bass short octave, non-transposing.  Strung entirely in brass and pitched at a' = 415 Hz, non-transposing.

Disposition: 1 x 4', 2 x 8', upper manual slides in to engage dogs on lower manual, handstops, Wood jacks & feather plectra

Decoration: French-walnut veneered case finished in clear padding lacquer, parchment 3-tiered rose by Werner Iten.

Ebony naturals, boxwood sharps, trefoil-carved key fronts.  It rests on a French-walnut balustre  stand.

French XVII c. Harpsichord by Frank Hubbard: Click to enlarge

Dimensions: 88" length , 30 1/2" width.

This instrument started life as Frank Hubbard's last design, one he never had a chance to see made.  This instrument was built in the years just following Frank's death by the Hubbard shop as an homage.  It has been recently rebuilt with a less extreme scaling - one that allows it to be tuned to a'=415Hz. Its sound falls between that of Italian and Flemish instruments - just the thing for Froberger, Louis Couperin, et. al. Sound samples soon to follow - please check back.

The range is small but much more useful than one might otherwise imagine. French XVII c. Harpsichord by Frank Hubbard: Click to enlarge

(MC-1) Offering price $23,000


For more information, or to purchase this instrument, please contact Hubbard Harpsichords.


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