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18th century French single-manual harpsichord kit after Taskin

Built in the 1980's  


Overall photo of the 18th c.  French double-manual harpsichord after Taskin

Range: 61 notes, 5 octaves and two semitones, FF-f 3 chromatic, transposing (a' = 415-440 Hz)

Disposition: 1 x 4', 2 x 8', buff stop on short 8', handstops on all registers, Delrin jacks & plectra

Decoration:  The exterior of this instrument is currently painted a dark fuchsia.   The interior is an off-white.   There are bands in gold paint on the case exterior and lid interior.   Trestle stand.   Ebony naturals, bone-capped sharps.


Dimensions: length 7' 3 1/2"; width 38"



This instrument will be thoroughly renovated at the Hubbard shop prior to purchase.   The action of this instrument was never completed and will be entirely renewed.   Repairs will include a new soundboard and a complete redecoration to the taste of the buyer.


The Hubbard French single shares the same tonal design as the French double.   The qualities of strong sound across the gamut coupled with balance between the registers that characterize the doubles are equally present in singles, as well.   This instrument will be equally useful in the living room or the performance hall.

 (GM-1) Offering price:  $18,000


For more information, or to purchase this instrument, please contact Hubbard Harpsichords.


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