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French Double-Manual

...after Hemsch (1736?)

Below is our copy of a French 18th century Double-manual harpsichord after Hemsch (1736?). The original is in the Boston, Massachusetts  Museum of Fine Arts. It was restored for the museum by Frank Hubbard in 1967. 

Our copy was built in 1983 by our Technical Director, Hendrik Broekman, and staff from plans of the original drawn by Frank Hubbard. 

While you cannot build this instrument from a kit, and it would be very costly to reproduce it for you as a custom instrument, we show  it as your assurance that the same historically informed knowledge, master craftsmanship, care, and meticulous concern for detail that went into restoring the original and producing the copy go into each custom instrument and kit that we produce.

French Double-Manual after Hemsch

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